Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If it quacks like a duck...

Paul writes about the fact that Synapse IS (dammit) an ESB.

Back when we were originally pulling Synapse together, the intent was indeed to build something that multiple ESB vendors (hence the involvement from Sonic/IONA) could use as a mediation framework without needing to replace their entire products - cooperate on infrastructure, compete with higher-level products. While this idea had some merit, the fact is that it's quite challenging to define the boundaries between the "mediation" portion and the "registry" portion and the "endpoint management" portion. Add to this the distinct lack of actual coding participation from the extant ESB vendors, stir, let sit for a couple of years, and indeed you end up with a full-on ESB.

Whatever that is. :)

Regardless, Synapse has evolved into an awesome product, and stands head-to-head with (if not above) a lot of the commercially available ESBs out there. Viva la open-source!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WSO2 @ TechEd

My colleague Jonathan Marsh, WSO2's Director of Mashup Technologies, co-presented an interoperability demo today during the keynote at Microsoft's TechEd IT. He showed off using our PHP and Java stacks in a plug-and-play demo of fully-secure stock trading with Microsoft's stuff. He looked great up there! Through the magic of modern technology I was watching it from my kitchen and IMing with folks in Colombo who were all gathered to watch it in the lounge at WSO2 HQ.

Check out Jonathan's blog for the full skinny (and a pointer to the video)!