Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Important Android change for IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 users

The ever-productive guys over at JetBrains have released the new 10.5 version of IDEA, their flagship Java IDE.  IDEA has been my weapon of choice for over a decade now, and I still just love it over the competition - of course I know there are cases to be made for other environments too, and certainly to each their own.  IDEA just feels right for me.

Check out this blog entry if you use IDEA as an Android development environment and upgrade to 10.5.  They've changed the way Android SDKs are modeled, so the Android SDK is the project SDK in the new world, as opposed to having the Android SDK "bolted on" to a module.  This ends up being much nicer, but I found that the supposed "transparent / automatic" upgrade did not work for my projects.  Luckily, the process of setting up the SDK takes about 20 seconds - you just need to stop looking for the setting in the old location. :)

Hope everyone (in the US anyway) had a terrific holiday weekend!

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